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COVID-19 pandemic was a test for countries and companies who were declaring themselves as best in the Healthcare System and shockingly all besties been smashed by pandemic just because they did not update with the technology and time and were using the old broken and limited visibility network. We at BNG understand how to preserve and exchange patient data through hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacy firms and physicians, our goal is to resolve all the issues by using optimal use of blockchain for healthcare development services.

Healthcare is on and above everything, providing THE BEST medical system over a decentralized network is the most suitable solution which empowers the medical authorities to take decision timely and smartly and fight with any pandemic situation more effectively.

speed-up distribution

Let us help your supply chain network speed-up ...with our block chain solutions especially designed for on-demand visibility of the medicines and vaccines freight-in-transit. Every step is essential while we talk about monitoring of medicine & vaccine distribution and we ensure concentrate to keep every single point of blockchain to be covered whether its manufacturer, distributers, clinics etc.

Digital Records Management

Our uniquely planned blockchain arrangement ... assists establishments with keeping the records over the decentralized and circulated organization of hubs, so it very well may be imparted to the clinical local area on-request or at whatever point required. Precision and security of the information of a patient is fundamental place of concern and we guarantee everything with the goal that it very well may be helpful for specialists from overall perceivability of patient's set of experiences and examination group use it for logical advancement.

Data & Consent Management

Patients are a definitive proprietor of their ...information and it's their decision whether they need to permit full or restricted admittance of their information to various partners for example doctors, scientists, medical clinics and so on it depends on patients and they might decide to impart all information to their customary doctors, however they have all the option to pick and share just handpicked information things with any organization. Simultaneously, they might adapt their information for research drives


Our experts grasp the ...significance and of supply chain network in medical care framework, its groups with various industry verticals and in this way numerous blockchains. With the assistance of organization interoperability different information (significant) can be traded which can additionally assist with guaranteeing the stock of unique prescriptions and clinical items in the market followed by a development following all through first and last mile conveyance organizations.


A mechanized framework is exceptionally ...expected to be in-put it can deal with the instalments, payments, refund and discounts in different cases. While making a block chain answer for medical care framework we guarantee that issuance of assets towards protections could support and delivered to patients consequently according to the agreement. Simultaneously, it takes care to give concessions, rewards, or some other govt. plans to the patients.


Suppliers A significant viewpoint and bringing ...every one of the suppliers over the blockchain is enthusiastically suggested. With a blockchain framework broadcast necessities and assess the accessibility and capability of the multitude of uses base on their verifiable information put away on the blockchain. A quicker confirmation prompts the quicker to on-boarding and in this way on-request supply of products.

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